Charity organization "Befriend", which was founded in 2016, on June 9, has been established to contribute directly to those who are currently most in need, regardless of the type of assistance that is why we are working closely with a number of Latvian municipalities and social centers, thus identifying families who need help the most, so we make sure that it goes into the right hands.

How do we help?
We carry out renovations to improve the lives of those who need it is very necessary;
In support of the four-legged friends, we are building new homes in shelters and care to their everyday life become brighter;
Help for Social centers where there are staying, studying and getting treatment for adults and children with mental disabilities;
We delight and help older people who are left alone.

Become our friend!
If you want to become our Friend and help others, then here you have a great opportunity to become one. For we all build on their success, of course, it is necessary for both small and large donations.


For more questions : info@esidraugs.lv

Go out and do it!

We do not expect for someone to knock on our door and ask for help, we go out and find people who need it! In cooperation with local government social services, we are looking up for those who really need assistance and try to help these people as long as we can, to improve their current living situation.