Upcoming Projects

You are able to support our future projects by donating!
Every cent donated will help someone who is need of it.

"House of Hope"
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Currently in Sigulda "Kārklos", scheduled to be operational association "Wings of Hope" social support center "House of Hope", which will act as a support and respite moment for the disabled, children or young people with disabilities and young parents with low skills. The Centre will also offer rehabilitation for parents with children who remained in the crisis center.

"House of Hope" is very much needed home renovation, as well as building heating boiler and radiators, for everyone to be warm during the winter. Help all of this happen faster, together we can do it!

Animal shelter "Mežavairogi"

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Friends, help our four-legged friends get new homes in Animal shelter "Mežavairogi". The organization "Befriend" in September will deliver and install 10 new large dog houses that will improve the daily lives of many accident victims who are waiting for their new owners. Your help will be extremely useful.

At the same time we want to thank "Mežvairogu" conductress Danuta and her team for their incredibly large invested work to help animals. Thank you that you are next to them!